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A passion for keeping the legacy alive

The Simply Mj Show is a tribute to an artist who changed the world thru his talent, passion and vision. As an advocate for his legacy,T-vain's mission in sharing his show is rooted in the belief that there should always be a reminder of the incomparable talent presence and joy that MJ saw fit to share with the world

About the artist

Who is T-vain Jackson?

T-vain is a professional dancer choreographer performer, singer,with more than 20 years of experience ,who has gained international acclaim for his unique show — T-vain is native of Madagascar and was inspired by MJ at a very young age, He studied and committed to not only be like Michael Jackson but also to capture the very character and presence of the artist himself .

He is always the life of the party. 

A nod from the king of Pop

Though there are many impersonators, T-vain is one of the few who has been recognised by the king of Pop himself. After watching footage of T-vain's Show he spoke highly of T'vain's talent and exclaimed "I like this kid".T-vain was subsequently hand-selected by Michael Jackson to join the "THIS IS IT" tour and received praise from tour's choreographers for his uncanny abaility to capture the essence of Michael jackson in his movements.  Simply Mj Show is high-energy interactive entertainment is sure to bring — not just fun — but professionalism and experience to your event.


Schedule an event consultation with simplymjshow. Together, you can figure out your entertainment needs. You will also get tips on what to do to make your event shine. simplymjshow can give you a heads up on what planning pitfalls to avoid. T-vain's jackson is dynamic performer who is available for bookings for different functions including:Club performances , Parties, Shows,Private Events, Special appearances, instruction & workshop.


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